Mission & Vision

MISSION: We want our customers to touch again the quality, creativity and excellence that Italian manufacture has always demonstrated in the instrumentation field.

VISION: Our customers will ‘Roll With Us’ & will share the experience of process measuring with our historical brand renewed by an extremely prepared and active personnel, always at disposal.

About Us

Since its birth during the first years of the 20th Century, Spriano® is leader in the measuring, indication, transmission and regulation of industrial processes. Considered as crucial instruments for the safety of the board during navigation, pressure & temperature gauges together with inclinometers designed by Spriano® were chosen by the engineers of the SSK S-506 Toti, the first submarine after the Second World War to be built in Italy. A masterpiece of innovation and technology that re-started the shipbuilding industry in the country (some items are still present at the permanent section of the National Museum of Science & Technology ‘Leonardo da Vinci’ in Milan).
During the 80’s, SPRIANO® completed its technological transfer from pneumatics to electronics by developing a complete line of innovative instruments, the 2-wire system and microprocessor-based electronics with both transmission and control function, providing a complete process monitoring system to the end user. The high standards achieved with the instrumentation made possible the participation of Spriano® for different projects in more than 60 countries all over the world. The consolidated activity in Italy is integrated by a growing export activity in many foreign countries, managed by an internationally selected and well-trained Sales Network.
Certifications and Type Approvals (ISO9001, ATEX, PED, SIL, RINA, etc.) guarantee the products to be compliant with the up-to-date technical standards.

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