Our History

Founded by Guido Spriano, a pioneer of industrial instrumentation, Spriano® begins its activity manufacturing pressure and temperature gauges.
Spriano® is the first Italian company to manufacture a modulating pneumatic controller, contributing a consistent technical improvement to Industrial Automation and Control in the
Rubber, Oil & Gas and food industries.
Spriano® engineers and starts manufacturing a complete line of Control Valves branded MEC-RELA®, providing effective and efficient solutions for Industrial applications.
During the 80’s, Spriano® completes its technological transfer from pneumatics to electronics by developing a complete line of innovative instruments, the 2-wire system and microprocessor-based electronics with both transmission and control function, thus providing a complete process monitoring system to the end user.
Spriano® makes the history of industrial instrumentation, being permanently hosted in the ‘Sala GISI’ inside the National Museum of Science & Technology ‘Leonardo da Vinci’ in Milan.
Spriano® develops its presence worldwide.
Spriano® moves the production site in the Southern Milan area, with the new brand Spriano® Technologies.
Besides ISO 9001, ATEX & PED certifications, Spriano® gets the SIL too, developing Fieldbus® protocol to put aside to the existing Hart®.
Spriano joins the just constituted TERRANOVA®, a group gathering the oldest and most historical Italian Brands of Process Instrumentation: Spriano® (1923), Valcom® (1974) and Mec-Rela® (1976).

What we do

Since 90 years, Spriano® designs and manufactures electronic & pneumatic instrumentation. More than pressure, level & temperature transmitters, Spriano® is a leading manufacturer of torque tube level transmitters with Hart® & Fieldbus® protocol, whose reliability is worldwide recognized, today also for special applications (PED category IV).
The brands Spriano® and Mec-Rela® provide effective and efficient solutions for different industries: Chemical, Petrochemical, Pharmaceutical, Food, Power, Marine and Oil & Gas.
Spriano products are available in standard (Carbon Steel and Stainless Steel) and special alloys (Hastelloy C, Duplex, Super duplex, Titanium, Inconel, etc.). Solutions for high temperatures and cryogenic applications are also available.




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